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The shaft is closed. Open doors, access doors and various holes in the wall of the hoistway are fitted with non-perforated doors. These doors can not open to the hoistway, the elevator is running in the closed and locked state. Each door has a switch with a safety contact to confirm the closing of the door, which is connected in series in the safety circuit of the elevator control system. As long as there is a door failed to close, the elevator will not run. During the maintenance of the elevator, where the need to open the door or hole to the well position, must take reliable isolation measures to ensure that passengers do not enter the shaft of any possible.

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Car door opening and closing. The car door is a device that opens or closes the car and is also a device for opening and closing the door. In general, the car door can only be opened when the car stops. Its opening and closing is usually driven by the door opener, the car door through a special device and the door connected to the door and synchronize the two door movement. In order to prevent the bumps in the process of closing passengers, the maximum closing speed of not more than 0.3m / s, the maximum stop closing force does not exceed 150n, the average closing speed of the maximum kinetic energy of not more than 10j; when closing the door when the passengers encounter automatically Open; in the case of the car door is not completely closed, can not start the elevator or keep the elevator to continue running. In special cases, in the vicinity of the station, in the car to stop the movement and cut off the door machine power supply, with a force of not more than 300n can open car door and connected to the floor.

The role of the door lock. The door is mounted on the floor door, which is the device that keeps the door open. When locking the door, a force of less than 300 n in the direction of opening the door does not reduce the locking effect of the door lock, and a force of less than 1 000 n does not cause permanent deformation of the locking element. Door locks are resistant to dust, vibration, easy to check and so on. Under normal circumstances, the door can only be opened by the car door. In special circumstances, can be opened by a special staff with a key. In addition to the mechanical door outside the door there is an electrical device, that is, with the door to keep closed or open the security contact, it is responsible for the control cabinet to provide the door is closed information. There is a set of the same safety contacts on the car door. These safety contacts are connected in series with many of the safety contacts of other important parts in the safety circuit. As long as a set of safety contacts are not closed, the elevator can not be energized.

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